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Drift Max World is a 3D driving game where your objective isn't to be the fastest but to drift as much possible before you cross the finish line. So you'll only win if you get the most points, not if you're the first one to finish.

The game has different controls to choose from: you can turn by tilting your smartphone and activating the accelerometer, or by using the buttons you see on the screen. No matter which option you choose, the car's reactions are precise and smooth.

In Drift Max World, you'll have a wide range of different cars available, although only one will be unlocked when you begin. You can also tune them up to your heart's desire by changing the paint color, adding vinyl, switching out the tires, and much more. You can even change your driver's appearance.

Drift Max World is a fun driving game with a strong, refined, and highly responsive gameplay. The game also has a ton of different tracks set both during the day and at night.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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